A society where a few citizens decide all policies is based on political in-equality. The few have "Power" while most citizens - don't. When all citizens can decide all policies society is based on political equality. No one has "Power" and the majority is free as it lives by its own decisions. Nowadays political inequality poses as equality by letting all citizens choose the few who will decide all policies for all others. This system is unequal, un-just, and corrupt.

Today Big Business (BB) decides what society will do. It claims to defend Freedom. Its advocates say that the 20th century was a struggle for Freedom against oppression by Big Government. Yet all 20th Century major wars were initiated by BB for its power and profits. Both BB and BG are power-addicts. Both loath political equality - and freedom.

Marx believed a nationalized economy will cure most social ills. Lenin proved him wrong. Lenin's "Big Government" (BG) ran the economy. No person owned part of it. Party officials - not industrial or agricultural workers - were the ruling strata. They owned Power - not property. They decided all policies and managed everything. Criticizing them was forbidden. It was a "Party Officials' State" posing as a "Worker's State". It banned strikes and free Unions. Profits provided full employment, and housing-healthcare-education-pensions - paid by the State - to all citizens. Many believed this will cure all social ills. It did not. People fought for Power, not for profits. Conspiracies, corruption, and deception flourished. Leaders banished any potential rival. They decided what books, films, plays, paintings, and music citizens are allowed to read, see, or hear. BG leaders, being Marxists, expected all BBs to cause economic crises and wars leading to internal revolutions that will replace BB by BG and saw no point in attacking them. After WW2 BG states were set up in many countries. BB leaders feared that BG economic security might motivate their unemployed to replace BB by BG. To prevent this they launched a "Cold War" against BG (1946-1991). BB breeds economic crises but the BB State saves the BB economy from collapse. To everyone's surprise, all European BGs collapsed between 1989-1991. Even today most of their former citizens refuse to resurrect them. They prefer the ills of a privatized economy to a welfare- state ruled by Party officials. Most people today despise both privatized - and nationalized - economies and mistrust most political representatives. They tolerate them because they see no other way to run society. This creates "dead-end politics" where people resent all political systems but don't act to replace them. Time is ripe to create a new, post-parliamentary, direct democracy, based on political equality: All citizens vote on all policies - at home, at work, and in the state. Citizens themselves vote directly on policies, rather than grant power to a representative. This will abolish political Power, the core of political corruption. It will maintain political equality of all citizens. It will not cure all ills of society, but bad decisions will induce changes of policies not of representatives. Political equality is feasible today. It is the only cure for the inevitable ills of political power inherent in rule by representatives.